Sunday, 9 January 2011

Quilt Challenge 2010

I can't believe another year has passed already. Thank you to every one who entered the Bag Challenge for breast cancer.
The challenge was to make an outrageous bag using half a metre of calico (provided by me), and to add embellishments, embroideries, beads, etc to make it as outrageous as possible.
Although there were fewer entries than last year, the ingenuity was excellent; we had quite a challenge to judge them.
I am delighted to say that Brenda Wylie was the winner with her excellent Chicken Bag. The workmanship was very precise with her attention to detail  exemplary, and her finishing off second to none. Congratulations Brenda! You win a free weekend to my workshops during 2011.

Brenda Wylie: Chicken Bag
 Second place goes to Eleanor Williams for her glamorous gold-encrusted creation.

Eleanor Williams: Glamorous Bag
 Thirs place goes to Joan Clarke with her wonderful MacMillan Cancer awareness bag, complete with removable boobs!

Joan Clarke: Love is Uplifting (front)

Joan Clarke: Love is Uplifting (back)
 Fourth place goes to Eileen Manser for her "Outrageous Bag" (complete with two purses for knickers and condoms!!)

Eileen Manser: Outrageous Bag

In no particular order, here are the rest of this year's entries:

Eileen Williams: Bums a Go-Go

Janet Etherington: East Meets West

Jean Summers: Knickers!

Maureen Featherston: Bizarre

Paula Fisher: Bag to Take to the Shower

Moreen Davies: Scarlet Women

Pat Archer: Knicker Bag

Pat Archer: Knicker Bag (detail)

Maureen Watling: Outrageous Crazy Carrier